About Me

From my home in Vermont, the Green Mountain State, I spend my days trying to make the entire world a little bit more Green. I am a firm believer that we need to implement alternatives to oil and nuclear for energy. (Oh, btw, there is no such thing as clean coal.) We need to learn to treat our earth/environment with a lot more respect than we do now...Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Some of the things I consider the loves of my life (besides Kitty) are cookbooks, cooking magazines, cookware, kitchen gadgets, bakeware, roasters...I think you get the picture...I love cooking, baking (and, of course, eating *oink). I also love quilting, sewing, crafts, etc. (PS: I am absolutely giddy over fabric, I could spend an entire day in Joann Fabrics, LOVE IT!!)  I realize this is a wide range of hobbies but have recently come to the conclusion, I have a practically non-existent attention span.

I also spend my days catering to a cantankerous, ornery cat, Kitty. She is so incredibly evil at times, she has been banned from most groomers...I had found one place to take her to be groomed and her last appointment, they called me to come get her and told me not to bring her back...I was so embarrassed. OMG, I love her sooo much!!

You will also find on my site, several ways to participate in various animal charities (and a few other charities as well) that I support. Some ask for you to give a donation, but some you give with just a click of the mouse! How is easy is that!

I LOVE to tweet. I have made some very good online friends on Twitter and love to chat it up with them and anybody else for that matter.

The crown jewel, the brass ring, the blue ribbon, the gold medal of my followers is the handsome,
hot, talented and very funny...Mr. Alec Baldwin. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIM!!!!! Be still my heart...Skype Emoticons
I love 30 Rock and his movies...I must have seen It's Complicated about 10 times...and Beetlejuice...and Pearl Harbor...and Malice...and Prelude to a Kiss...and Ghosts of Mississippi...and The Juror, and well, you see where this is going. He has only tweeted me a few times but that's okay... Actually, I think the only reason he followed is that he thought it might shut me up and get rid of me, silly man!

I tweet and  re-tweet a lot of quotes (LOVE THEM!!!), animal causes, giveaways and the general useless information that comes across my timeline...

I LOVE musicals, current and classic...I love to watch reruns of sitcoms (short attention span-thing again) and movies. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BOOKS!!! I usually have 2-3 books that I am reading at once (attention thing..) I also added a playlist of some of my favorite songs at the bottom of my blog...check it out.

So, anyway, that's me and I created this blog to share my recipes, projects and passions with you. I hope you enjoy...