Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Coupon Closet - Coupon Organizer

Introducing a new way to organize your coupons! The My Coupon Closet is the newest and easiest way to organize. It was created for the busy family who want to continue to coupon, but cannot find time to get it all done. It has everything you need -perfect for the beginner or the experienced couponer. 

Whether you have an online masters in
or not, coupons are always a great idea for budgets.

Right now for a limited time, you can get FREE shipping when you enter the code freeship11. 

Your purchase will include:

  • 60 white custom coupon files to organize your manufacturer coupons. These are manufactured just for coupon use.
  • 5 green custom coupon files for your store coupons (All custom files are closed on three sides so you never have to worry about coupons slipping out.)
  • 1 pair of scissors and 1 pen A separator to store all your supplies
  • A Plastic box with snap on lid to store your new files
  • A Free Bag to carry your new organizer.


  1. Where is the link to get this?
    From the Alexa hop, also a new follower

  2. following from alexa bog hop. my site www.couponAnna.com Anna

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